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PAICON supports the decision-making of doctors and medical researchers by combining a highly secure health-intelligence platform with comprehensive disease-specific data knowledge using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to create marketable certified medical products and applications.



Our strength lies in our modular platform strategy to empower:

  • Patients and users all over the world with access to quality healthcare
  • Medical doctors by assisting them in diagnosis
  • Researchers for novel insights to improve healthcare
  • Young start-ups stemmed with scientific innovations


Together with our executive management and scientific board members we form a strong, complementary team of experts with longstanding experience in research, medicine, data security, pharma, technology and business creation. We took a collective effort to found PAICON – a secure medical platform for data-driven disease management.


Executive Management

Dr. rer. nat. Manasi Aichmüller-Ratnaparkhe


Dr. Manasi Aichmüller-Ratnaparkhe has more than ten years of experience in scientific research field of Biotechnology and Cancer Biology in USA and later on in Germany where she finished her doctorate degree in Cancer Genetics. She also has completed her MBA Essentials from London School of Economics. She was previously involved in many different entrepreneurial ventures and co-founded PAICON in 2020. She comes with an enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit with the know-how from science and research.

Dr. rer. nat. Christian Aichmüller


Dr. Christian Aichmüller has more than ten years of experience in statistical analysis of economic and bio-medical data. He brings in a diverse background of expertise to the team with masters degrees in Economics, Biostatistics and his doctorate in Bioinformatics. He has been previously involved in entrepreneurial ventures and co-founded PAICON in 2020. He brings additional perspective of digitalization with machine learning.

Scientific Advisory Board

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